• Tradução de frases básicas em inglês

    Escola __________________________________________________________
    Professor(a): _____________________________________________________
    Aluno(a): ________________________________________________________

    Exercícios de tradução

    1. Traduza as frases básicas abaixo para o português.
    a) I love my God, my family, and my friends.

    b) The sky is blue.

    c) I have a beautiful dog and a big cat.

    d) My house is my place of to live in peace.

    e) Smile for the life.

    f) Good morning, dear teacher!

    g) I like chocolat, french fries, aplle and berry.

    h) I have a big dream for my life.

    i) Welcome to Itajaí: place of peace, love, respect, friendships, loyalty, union, and much more. 

    j) I know someone who can help you.

    k) You are very important to me.

    l) I wish you all the best!

    m) Everyone should respect diversity so that we have a world where there is true respect.

    n) His presence will be important in the event.

    o) The Júlia's parents are Carlos and Julieta. His brother called Pedro. The family is very united.

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